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Margaret Morse, O.M.

(1925 – 2021)

Margaret Morse pioneered speech therapy in Manitoba. After establishing the clinic at Children’s Hospital, she established speech clinics at Rehabilitation Hospital in 1956, Deer Lodge Hospital in 1960-1962, Municipal Hospitals in 1970-1975, Concordia Hospital 1980-1990 where Morse worked as chief therapist and Victoria Hospital 1990-1996. She established the inaugural board for the Rehabilitation of Stroke Patients with 12 members including doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and two stroke survivors. As a volunteer, she set up a group program for stroke survivors with communication disorders at Sargent Park Community Centre. This was the first stroke club in Winnipeg, and it was known as the Manitoba Stroke Recovery Association.

For over 10 years, Morse spoke to many service clubs in Winnipeg including Kiwanis, Lions and Kinsmen promoting the need for Stroke Clubs. There are now several of these clubs in various parts of the city.

From 1992-1996, Morse established a committee to develop a graduate program at the University of Manitoba in speech/language pathology. The proposal was passed by 10 university committees including the Senate and Board of Governors. The President of the University, Emoke Szathmary also approved this new program, however, the Manitoba government turned it down. In 2016, Morse again began campaigning the university to start this program. She established a new committee under the Associate Dean at the School of Medical Rehabilitative Services at the University of Manitoba.

In addition to Morse’s trailblazing career as a speech therapist, she volunteered for a wide variety of community boards. She was a longtime volunteer with the Winnipeg Art Gallery since 1956 and was president from 1964-1966. She also served as vice president of the WAG’s Board of Governors from 1966-1968. She was president of Children’s Home of Winnipeg from 1962-1964, co-chaired “150 Years of Art in Manitoba-Legislative Building Centennial Event” in 1970, president of the Manitoba Division of the national Canadians for Health Research from 1980-1982, was a board member of the R.H. Institute from 1986-1989, a board member of the St. Boniface Hospital Research Foundation from 1983-1985, board member of The Victoria Hospital Foundation from 1992-1994, secretary of the Women’s Canadian Club from 1981-1983, a trustee of the Eckhardt-Gramatte Foundation from 1982-present, member of the Women’s Musical Club of Winnipeg since 1990: president from 1998-2000, a volunteer in numerous capacities at All Saint’s Anglican Church since 1968, council member of the Manitoba Historical Society from 2004-2006 and chair of the Sir John A. MacDonald Annual Dinner from 2003-2005, and volunteered at Agape Table serving lunches from 2009-2017.

Finally, Morse has received a certificate from the Red Cross Society for 75 donations. In addition, she has received numerous certificates of appreciation from a variety of organizations.

Margret Morse passed away in Winnipeg in 2021.



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