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Canada Day Weekend To Do

Happy Canada Day!

If you are looking for plans this weekend, search no more! We have have a few ideas that allow you to soak up that summer sun, while learning more about Manitoba history!

A few weeks ago, the Nellie McClung Heritage site published a legend of how one can “Walk in Nellie’s Footsteps” when visiting Nellie’s homes in Manitou, Manitoba. That got us thinking about making a list of places in Winnipeg, so here it is!

McClung House (2010), from Manitoba Historical Society, by William J. Fraser.

Canada Day Weekend Winnipeg Walkabout with Nellie

  1. McClung House at 97 Chestnut Street This is perhaps the most logical place to start! The McClungs lived in the lovely Wolseley neighbourhood from 1911-1914, which were significant years leading up to the win for some women’s provincial Right to Vote in 1916.

  2. Nellie McClung Park and Plaque– While you are visiting the home on Chestnut, you can stop at the park and sip a tea or coffee from a lovely local neighbourhood shop, and read inscription on the plaque.

  3. Famous Five Monument at the Manitoba Legislative Building– The monument is surely a site to see! Unveiled 8 years ago in 2010, the bronze monument features the members “Famous Five“, or the Canadian women who challenged the Supreme Court of Canada in 1929 for the recognition of women as persons.

  4. Canadian Museum of Human Rights  Well, the name of the place says it all, don’t you think? There is so much to learn by visiting the CMHR, including some of our favourite galleries, including: “Canada’s Evolving Legal Framework”, “Indigenous Perspectives”, and “Turning Points for Humanity”.

  5. The West End Biz Mural Located at 560 Sargent Street, this stunning mural was created by artist Mandy Van Leeuwen. It depicts Nellie as the Premier of the Women’s Parliament. And that is all we are saying about it–because if the mural has not already stopped you in your tracks, you MUST see it in person!

NOTE: If you happen to be in Manitou, Manitoba this weekend, or are looking for a lovely country drive this long weekend, view the legend below created by the Nellie McClung Heritage site.


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