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Congratulations to Manitoba's First Female Premier Heather Stefanson

Source: CBC Manitoba

Dear Premier Stefanson:

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Nellie McClung Foundation, please accept our warm congratulations on becoming the first female Premier of Manitoba.

It is very fitting that your victory took place in October, the same month as Persons Day. The date that marks Nellie McClung and the ‘Famous 5’s’ victory to have women included in the legal definition of “persons”. It paved the way for women to be appointed to the Senate of Canada and for women's increased participation in public and political life. Of course, Nellie’s birthday is also in October, so this is an auspicious month.

We were very moved by your speech at the swearing in ceremony. The importance of the women who have gone before and those who have mentored us needs to be recognized, as you did so very well. You are definitely creating a role model for young women and signalling that they can aspire to playing an important role in the political life of our province. It will be part of your legacy. Thank you for your endorsement of the importance of women supporting women.

Nellie would be so proud to see what you have accomplished and the monumental role you will be playing as a role model to young girls.

Our best wishes for your success.

The Nellie McClung Foundation

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