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FRIDAY FEATURE: Wes McClung, in Celebration of Father’s Day

In Celebration of Father’s Day this Sunday, June 17:

Nellie, née MOONEY, first met Wes McClung when she was working as a teacher at Hazel School near Manitou in 1892.  During her teaching there, Nellie first boarded with the Hasselfield family but later went on to board with the McClungs.

Several years later and after many letters and correspondences, Nellie completed the furthering of her Teaching education in Winnipeg at the Normal School. Nellie and Wes were then married on 7:45am August 25, 1896 in Wawanesa. The McClungs had 5 children together–4 sons and 1 daughter. The youngest son was born in Winnipeg and the rest of the children were born during their years in Manitou.

“I will admit that I was much influenced in my desire to teach in Manitou by the minister’s eldest son… I felt sure the McClung’s son must be the sort of man I would like.”

-Nellie on her first meeting Wes

Wes was a pharmacist and owned 3 pharmacies over the years. The McClungs bought their first house together in 1899. Wes is also remembered as being an incredibly strong supporter of Nellie’s work as a published author, public speaker, and advocate, especially considering the common views of their era.

Additionally, Wes was at one period a very avid sportsman and a competitive athlete. He was also active as a community leader.

MHS BIOGRAPHY: Wes was born in Durham County, Ontario on 31 October 1871, son of James A. McClung and Annie Eliza Meharey. He served as Mayor of Manitou in 1907. They later moved to Winnipeg then to Alberta. He died at Saanich, British Columbia on 1 November 1958.

PLEASE NOTE/ THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING SOURCES: Barbara Biggar, Quote from Nellie’s book, “Clearing the West: My Own Story”. Photo from: BC Archives, History: MHS Memorable Manitobans.


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