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Lest We Forget

In honour of Remembrance Day, today on November 11th, we acknowledge and remember the many veterans who served for our country in the wars.

These veterans include those that are often not named, or are as frequently mentioned, especially women and Indigenous veterans of war.

Earlier this week was National Aboriginal Veterans Day (November 8th), and today is the traditionally commemorated Remembrance Day. Thus, today, the Nellie McClung Foundation honours all those who served our country during the war.

We remember the women who served in the wars in all roles— both at home and away.

We remember the Indigenous veterans who were not equally honoured and left unnamed who served our country. 

These above mentioned persons, and all who fought for the safety and democracy of our country are remembered.

We remember.

Lest We Forget.

Please note: images were sourced from Canadian Encyclopedia and Veterans Affairs Canada. 


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