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Council of Women of Winnipeg Inc.

The Council of Women of Winnipeg (CWW), established in 1894, has for the last 125 years worked to improve the quality of life for women and their families in the city. It is a vibrant, pro-active, nonpartisan, nonprofit volunteer council of women, reflective of the diversity of society, influencing political decision-making and public attitudes. Today there are federate (groups/organizations) members, as well as individual members. The CWW was instrumental in the creation of the Children’s Hospital in 1907, supported the establishment of city libraries, playgrounds and recreation centres, presenting briefs to city council, holding public forums on civic elections and most recently has been involved in water/ waste issues, housing, violence in the city, transportation reform, sustainable development and urban sprawl. The Council of Women of Winnipeg is a federate member of the Provincial Council of Women (PCWM) and in turn part of the National Council of Women of Canada (NCWC) and the International Council of Women (ICN). The ICN is one of the few nonpartisan, non-governmental, voluntary organizations with standing at the United Nations -- a voice for women around the world

Founding President was Lady Agnes Schultz (nee Farquerson) wife of the Lt. Governor of Manitoba, Sir John Schultz. Other presidents and members included Annie Bond, a nurse and philanthropist who established the Children’s Hospital, Nellie McClung who represented the Political Equality League (PEL), Margaret McWilliams, a journalist and lecturer, and wife of Lt. Governor of Manitoba Roland McWilliams, Cora Hind, agricultural journalist for the Manitoba Free Press and Edith Rogers, the first woman MLA elected in Manitoba in 1920.

In 1999 the CWW was the winner of the YW-YMCA “Women of Distinction Award,” a fitting tribute to the women of Winnipeg who continue to advocate for the welfare of all Winnipeggers.



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