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Tannis Richardson, C.M., LL.D.

Tannis Richardson is a storyteller, an advocate, a teacher by example and has used her resources, energy and determination to make a difference in many areas of this prairie province that she loves so much. Her philanthropic givings reach deeply into the community locally and internationally, making it possible for many programs to be initiated and sustained and so many people have benefitted.

Her leadership contributions have had a positive impact on many groups as she served as a chair, advisor, campaign leader, spokesperson or advocate. Whether it was for an organization, her children’s schools, a national or international association her leadership modelled the roles admirably and we all learned.

She has served in the health field in such areas as cardiovascular disease, kidney health, Aids research and had several breakthroughs with Juvenile Diabetes research and with establishing needed funding partners and changes in health care provisions.

Tannis Richardson supports arts and culture in so many ways: Assiniboine Park, Chief Peguis Heritage Park, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Winnipeg Art Gallery, Manitoba Opera Association, Rainbow Stage, Western Canada Aviation Museum, Women’s Musical Club of Winnipeg, Canadian Association of Youth Orchestras and The Sistema program at WSO for music lessons for inner-city students. Our province has world class models as a result of this support.

Richardson is creative and generates great ideas. She has a “yes” view of life welcoming knowledge about a worthy endeavour and giving countless hours to make it happen. She was one of the early members of the Winnipeg Art Gallery and has stayed in touch and continued her support in many ways over the years.

A trailblazer is inquisitive, intuitive, challenging and challenged, curious, fearless, inclusive, independent and undaunted. Richardson can stand alone against all odds and can inspire and engage, lead and build a team with an open mind and get the job done. This describes Tannis Richardson and along with her many endeavours, she is truly a wonderful example of a trailblazer.



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