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The Shameless Circle

The Shameless Circle was founded in December 2018, and since its inception, has received an overwhelming response. The Shameless Circle is a volunteer led, non-profit community organization, that brings together women who have experienced shame stemming from abusive relationships, mental health issues, exploitation and/or sexual orientation. It provides a safe space for women who suffer from isolation and are seeking a sense of community. Meetings are held every Sunday to engage participants in meaningful, self-empowering, free activities that help to regain a sense of community and belonging.

At The Shameless Circle, the vision is a world without shame. With this vision in mind, the mission is to help empower women by providing free community building workshops and financial assistance to women who have experienced shame stemming from various traumatic experiences. The goal is to continue providing free programming for women and kids to help them build a community of their own.

In December 2019, The Shameless Circle launched the Empower Me Fund (EMF). The EMF works as a one-time tool through which women can apply for financial support that would not otherwise be covered by another business or organization. When the applicant is selected through a needs-based system, their need will be addressed by the Empower Me Fund. This can mean assistance for any empowering thing, from college application fund assistance to access to mental wellness resources. Since the launch of the EMF, assistance has been provided to women through various means such as funds for driver’s education lessons, clothing and gas gift cards, massages, family photography sessions, and many more.

Volunteers and community partners are central to the journey of providing community empowerment and healing. The Manitoba government and the Hon. Cathy Cox created a Proclamation that declares April 14th as Non-Consensual Distribution of Intimate Images Awareness Day.

The Shameless Circle is committed to helping women overcome barriers and get the help women need to empower themselves. Any service that helps a woman feel empowered and provides them with a sense of community.

We all know that overcoming difficult moments in life can be really challenging. The Shameless Circle wants to ensure women that they are here to assist them along this journey, by not only providing them with funds but also providing them with a much-needed support system. For this, they are actively seeking mentors to help support and guide women who are leaving abusive relationships or other traumatic experiences.



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