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‘Bringing Nellie Home’ did not only take monetary contributions. This initiative took thoughtful interventions on many fronts, from legal expertise to construction advice and promotion activities. We thank all those individuals and trust that they, as is the Foundation, are proud of the important mark that Nellie has made on the grounds of the Manitoba Legislature.

$50,000 AND OVER

Government of Canada
Government of Manitoba
Senator Nancy Ruth CM

$5,000 TO $9,999

Bison Transport
David and Catherine Filmon
Janice and Gary Filmon and Family
Lila Goodspeed and Family
Hilda and Elmer Hildebrand
Mr. & Mrs. R (Bob) Kozminski
Debbie and Sandy Riley
Judy Wainwright
Wawanesa Insurance

$25,000 TO $49,999

Mayor Sam Katz, City of Winnipeg
Great West Life Assurance Company
Investors Group
Tannis & George Richardson
The Winnipeg Foundation

$1,000 TO $4,999

Lee and Wayne Anderson
Earl and Cheryl Barrish
Carol Bellringer and Greg Doyle
The Honourable Sharon Carstairs P.C.
Defehr Foundation Inc.
Myrna Driedger, MLA Charleswood
Duboff Edwards Haight & Schacter
SJ Enns (former Parliamentarian)
John F. (Jack) Fraser
Susan Glass
Elba Haid and Lara Secord-Haid
Gregg and Mary Hanson

Doug Harvey and Jan Shute
Colleen and Duncan Jessiman
Douglas MacEwan in memory of Elizabeth MacEwan
Marty and Lisa Morantz
Doris Mae Oulton and Cam Mackie
Bruce and Jane Baizley Robinson
Abe and Fanny Simpkin and Family
Dr. Emoke J.E.Szathmary and Dr.George A. Reilly
Debra Jonasson Young and Scott Young

$10,000 TO $24,999

Burns Family Foundation
Junior League of Winnipeg Legacy Fund
Mauro Family Foundation
Andrew and Lisa Paterson
Pollard Family Foundation



With Gratitude for Their Expertise

Garry Hilderman, Partner Emeritus, Hilderman Thomas Frank Cram
Kristen Lynch, KiK Innovation
Barbara Biggar, Biggar Ideas
Kelly Hearson, Crosier Kilgour and Partners
Michael Radcliffe, Duboff Edwards Haight & Schacter

Others Who Helped Bring Nellie Home

Ada Allen

Adeline Pressey

Agnes Hall

Alyson Kennedy

Ann Hanks

Annika Weeks

Arlene Smith

Baldur United Church Women

Barbara Biggar and Reg Giesbrecht

Bob and Irene Cunningham

Carol Ann Baron

Carol Gamby

Christina Cassels

Christine Skene

Conference of United Church Women

Constance Smith

Deborah Metcalfe

Dennice and Stephen Leahey

Diane Laider

Diane Stephanson

Donalda Dunn

Donna Fenton

Doreen Docking

Duboff Edwards Haight & Schachter

Eleanor Wiebe in memory of Eira (Babs)

Elizabeth Fleming

Elizabeth Schirmer

Faith Johnston

Friesen and Elizabeth Turner MacEwan

Gail Wylie

Graham and Susie Lount

Gwen Jamieson

Gwen Krahn

Rosemary Vodrey

Russell Knox UCW Unit 11

Sandra Hasenack

Senator Janis Johnson

Senator Marie Chaput

Sheila and Tim Duprey Fund

Sheila Grover

Theodore and Elizabeth Simonson

Valerie Dybka

Victoria Moore

Virginia and Al Snyder

Vivian Sullivan

Walter and Bette Mueller

Harrow United Church

Hennie Corrin

Ida Albo

Jan Belanger in honour of her grandmother Anne Bodnar

Janet Robertson

Janie and William Badger

Joan Blight

Joan Lyons

Joan Upton

Joyce Frandsen

Judith Eagle

Judy and Dave Holden

Julia Berube

June Graham

June Wilton

Kenneth and Marlene Martin

Laurie Allen

Lenore Dodds

Lesia Peet

Lois and Dave Burr

Lorna Barclay

Lorraine Griffiths

Manitou Culture and Heritage Committee

Mary Redekopp and family

Mary Scott

Minister of Status of Women, Manitoba Advisory Council

Nancy Edmondson

Nicole Forest Lavergne

Nina Tackaberry

Norma Kirby

Pam Tonsaker

Patricia Gendreau and Marcel Gauthier

Patricia Guy

Penny McMorris

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