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Danielle Fermin

High School

Danielle Fermin

Danielle is a conscientious Grade 12 student dedicated to pursuing a career in environmental science. She plans to engage in lifelong learning to contribute to the betterment of the world.

Danielle's passion for nature was inspired by her mother's childhood tales of growing up in rural Cavite, Philippines. However, Danielle's own upbringing in Pasig City offered limited exposure to nature. In December 2021, at 14, she moved to Canada, adjusting to a new culture, climate, and education system, all while supporting her family in their transition.

Despite these challenges, Danielle thrived academically and socially at École Secondaire Neelin High School. She excelled in sciences, joined the concert and chamber choirs, and participated in the Eco Club and Envirothon team, nurturing her environmental interests.

Danielle is actively involved in her school and community. She supports new choir members, participates in mathematics contests, and contributes to environmental initiatives. Her leadership extends to Neelin's Youth in Philanthropy Club, where she has organized food donations and charity events, and she has represented her school on the Water Protector Panel.

Committed to environmental science, Danielle aims to study at Brandon University, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science. She has already secured a summer job as a research assistant at the Brandon Research and Development Centre. 

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