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Jamie Reimer

Post Secondary

Jamie Reimer

As a first-year university student with a boundless dedication to making a difference in the field of healthcare, Jamie Reimer embodies the spirit of determination and compassion. Currently enrolled in Providence University College, Jamie is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences, laying the foundation for her ambitious goal of attending medical school at the University of Manitoba.

From a young age, Jamie has been driven by a profound desire to help others and make a meaningful impact on the world. Her decision to pursue a career in medicine stems not only from her academic prowess but also from her unwavering commitment to breaking barriers and advocating for more women in STEM fields. Jamie sees her future in medicine as an opportunity not only to fulfill her personal aspirations but also to address the pressing need for diverse representation in healthcare.

Despite the challenges ahead, Jamie remains undeterred in her pursuit of her long-term goals. With a summer position secured at Southern Health, Jamie is eager to gain invaluable experience in the healthcare field, knowing that every opportunity, whether it involves shadowing staff or contributing in any capacity, will deepen her understanding and passion for her chosen path.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Jamie is a natural leader both in and out of the classroom. In high school, she excelled in leadership roles, serving as secretary of the student council and earning recognition for her exemplary contributions to school events and activities. Despite the increased workload at university, Jamie continues to demonstrate leadership qualities through active participation in class discussions and group projects.

Outside of academia, Jamie is deeply engaged in her community, volunteering as a Sunday school assistant teacher and a sound booth technician at her church. These experiences have not only strengthened her leadership skills but also reinforced her commitment to serving others with compassion and empathy.

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