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Join us for the Faces & Places Book Launch

The Nellie McClung Foundation, in partnership with Prairie Pathfinders, is excited to announce the launch of our book, Faces & Places Trailblazing Women of Manitoba by Judy Waytiuk.

Buried in many of the monuments and murals in Manitoba are the stories of women who helped make Manitoba’s history, whose achievements were critical to the development of this province. One of the mandates of the Nellie McClung Foundation is to promote and support awareness of the struggle for rights for women and girls. We hoped to develop a history book/guide that promotes visiting the places, seeing the faces and remembering the stories of Manitoba women who have made history—and whose lives so well-lived proved that, by working together and supporting one another, we can all make change for the better. Our community and our society are stronger when we remember and learn from the past, and when we celebrate the Trailblazers who have worked so hard to secure the human rights for girls and women.


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