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Congratulations Board Chair, Doris Mae Oulton, Order of Manitoba recipient

Twelve Manitobans, whose contributions encompass a broad range of endeavours and accomplishments, will soon receive the Order of Manitoba, the province’s highest honour. The formal investiture ceremony is tentatively scheduled to be held on July 15, 2021, at the Manitoba Legislative Building, subject to the COVID-19 Pandemic Response System.

The Order of Manitoba was established in 1999 to honour Manitobans who have demonstrated excellence and achievement, thereby enriching the social, cultural or economic well-being of the province and its residents. The exceptional women and men to be invested into the Order of Manitoba serve to inspire us all and reinforce that each of us has the power to make a difference,” said Lt.-Gov. Janice C. Filmon, chancellor of the order, who will preside over ceremony. “These individuals truly exemplify resiliency, adaptability and leadership, and they are all most worthy of acknowledgement and acclaim. We are proud to celebrate the passion and leadership of these great Manitobans.”

Appointments to the order are made by the chancellor, based on the recommendations of an advisory council. Order members are entitled to use the initials O.M. after their names for life. The list of all members of the Order of Manitoba is on permanent display in the Legislative Building.

The Nellie McClung Foundation Board Chair, Doris Mae Oulton will be invested at the 2021 ceremony: Ms. Doris Mae Oulton A prominent advocate for women’s rights, Oulton has made many important contributions to Manitoba’s life and culture. She is currently chair of the Nellie McClung Foundation and the Canadian Federation of University Women Charitable Trust, and was the former assistant deputy minister of the Manitoba Women’s Directorate. Her community contributions have been recognized locally and internationally, for their significance.


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