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Nellie McClung Foundation Announces Arts Legacy Award

The Nellie McClung Foundation is pleased to announce the new Nellie McClung Foundation Arts Legacy Award.


Nellie McClung was a social innovator who challenged the thinking of a generation and empowered Canadian women. Her creative efforts ranged through humanitarian endeavours, oratory, and writing. To honour the vision of Nellie McClung, and in recognition of the contributions women make to social justice through the arts, the Nellie McClung Foundation announces a biennial Nellie McClung Foundation Arts Legacy Award.


The $2000 award recognizes a woman who is emerging in her artistic practice, or a collective of emerging women artists whose artistic work seeks to engage with community in social justice issues.  The deadline date is December 15, 2013 and the Award decision will be announced to all nominators and applicants by March 15, 2014.


The Foundation’s work is vital because there are so few individuals or local Heroes—or Sheroes—as Maya Angelou would say, that can truly inspire us.  Some might make an impact for a single moment or issue, but few have Nellie’s ability to keep inspiring us more than 140 years after her birth.

In her heart, Nellie was a prairie girl with all that stands for: hardiness, big-sky thinking, practicality and mental toughness. She was always creative and resourceful in setting and accomplishing goals. Nellie was a spirited daughter, a wife and mother who loved her children and cared about the children of others.  She was an author, playwright, orator, activist, suffragette and a great influencer, a leader and an educator who continues to teach us, even today. As one of Canada’s first feminists, Nellie was a woman who became the voice for the voiceless and the defender of the weak, with an innate sense of justice for all. She has become an unforgettable icon in Canada’s proud history.


We invite you to consider this Award for artistic work that will reflect the values of Nellie and keep her Legacy alive. Please review the guidelines and consider submitting an application or a nomination.

Please share this announcement with anyone who fits the guidelines that you feel would be interested.

We look forward to submissions and keeping everyone informed about the upcoming Award.


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