She was an orator and an entertainer; she was an author and an advocate; she was a teacher and a legislator. She was a prairie woman who used her talents, determination and energy to bring about change in society. She was a Trailblazer.


The Manitoba 150

Women Trailblazers

In partnership with the Winnipeg Free Press, the Nellie McClung Foundation is proud to introduce the 150 Manitoba Women Trailblazer Awards, an opportunity to salute the contributions that Manitoba woman have made to social justice, arts, sports, politics, community activities and promoting democracy while developing this great province.


These Trailblazer Awards will honour Nellie McClung’s vision by recognizing the spirit of her life’s work being advanced by women leaders of today or throughout Manitoba’s history. The 150 Manitoba Women Trailblazers will be officially announced on January 28th, 2021, the 105th Anniversary of most Manitoba women being the first in Canada to receive the right to vote. 

Unfortunately, due to the  the unforeseen circumstances, we find ourselves in and the restrictions presented placed by COVID-19, we will be unable to host an in-person event as originally planned.


We still aim to publicly recognize the great accomplishments of all of the award recipients along with the names of those who were nominated and will do so through a virtual book. The virtual book will also feature all of the women nominated and will be available on our website,







Adele Wiseman

Agnès Roy

Angelique and Marguerite Nolin

Ann Callahan

Anna Pazdzierski

Anne Bannatyne

Anne Ross, C.M.

Barbara Bruce, O.M.

Beatrice Watson

Bernadette Smith, O.M., MLA

Bonnie Korzeniowski

Carol Shields, C.C., O.M., F.R.S.C.

Catherine (Kate) McPherson

Catherine Mulaire

Chief Betsy Kennedy, O.M. 

Christine (Chris) Burrows

Clara Hughes, O.C., O.M., M.S.C., OLY

Clarissa (Chriss) May Joyce Tetlock

Connie Magnusson Schimnowski

Constance (Connie) Eyolfson

Corrine Joan Scott, O.M., M.B.A.

Daphne Odjig, C.M., O.B.C.

Dayna Spiring, LL.B.

Debora Durnin-Richards, PHEc, M.Ed.

Delphine Rivard

Diane Redsky, O.M.

Diane Roussin

Doreen Brownstone, O.M.

Doris Mae Oulton

Dr. Alexandria Wilson, Ed.D.

Dr. Charlotte W. Ross, M.D. 

Dr. Helen Glass O.C., O.M., Ed.D., Hon. LL.D., Hon. D.Sc.

Dr. Jennifer Shay, O.C.,Ph.D.

Dr. Jessie Lang, LL.D.

Dr. June James, O.M., Hon DIP(RRC) , BSC.,  BSC (med), M.D , FRCPC.

Dr. June Menzies, C.M., O.M.

Dr. Marsha Hanen, C.M., Ph.D.

Dr. Mirjana Roksandic, Ph.D.

Dr. Noralou P. Roos, O.C., Ph.D.

Dr. Rayleen De Luca, C.M., O.M.

Dr. Sherry Peden, Ph.D.

Dr. Sybil Shack, C.M., LL.D.

Dulcie Price

E. Cora Hind

Edith Hancox

Edith Mary McDowell, LL.D.

Eira "Babs" Friesen, C.M. 

Elaine Froese

Elba Haid

Elder Mae Louise Campbell

Elizabeth Parker

Erna Kimmel

Evelyn Hart, C.C., O.M., F.R.S.C.

Florence Edith McTavish Rogers

Gabrielle Roy, C.C., F.R.S.C.

Gail Asper, O.C., O.M., LL.D.

Gertrude Richardson

Gudrun Helga Julia Sigurdson

Harriet Snetsinger Dick

Helen "Ma" Armstrong

Helen Granger Young, O.M. 

Helena F. Reimer, C.M.

Honourable Janis Gundrun Johnson, C.M.

Honourable Janice Filmon. C.M., O.M. 

Honourable Judge Kimberly Prost, LL.B.

Honourable Myrna Driedger, MLA

Honourable Pearl McGonigal, C.M., O.M. 

Honourable Sharon Carstairs, P.C., C.M.

Isabel G. Auld, C.M., LL.D

Isabel Ross MacLean Hunt, LL.B

Jarita Greyeyes

Jean Agnes Hird

Jean Folster

Jessica Dumas

Joan Mary Harland

JoAnn MacMorran

Judy Wasylycia-Leis

Kanaye Connie Matsuo

Kate Rice

Katherine Friesen

Kathleen M. Richardson, C.C., O.M. , LL.D.

Kathy Mallett, O.M.

Lara Rae

Leanne Boyd

Lee Newton

Lois Edie

Margaret McWilliams

Margaret Morse, O.M.

Margo Goodhand

Margret Jonsdottir Benedictsson

Marianne Cerilli

Marie-Anne Lagimodière (née Gaboury)

Martha Jane Hample

Mary Dyma

Mary Kelekis, O.M.

Mary Richard, O.M., M.S.M.

Mary Scott

Milla Rasmussen

Muriel Smith, O.C., O.M.

Muriel Sprague Richardson

Nellie McClung

Olive Bend Little

Pamela Rebello, O.M.

Peggy Green

Rachel Massicotte

Rita Chahal

Ruth Elaine Christie, LL.D.

Sadie Mildred Grimm

Samantha Rayburn-Trubyk

Sandra McCaig

Senator Marilou McPhedran, CM,  LL.M., LL.B., LL.D.

Senator Patricia Bovey, FRSA, FCMA

Senator Raymonde Gagné, C.M., O.M.

Senator Mary Jane McCallum, D.M.D.

Shahina Siddiqui

Sheila North

Sherri Walsh, LL.B

Shirley Kalyniuk

Shirley Render

Sophie May "Diamond Queen" Ryan

Susan A. Thompson, O.M., LL.D.

Susan Hart-Kulbaba

Tabitha Langel

Tannis Mindell

Tannis Richardson, C.M., LL.D.

Taylor Morriseau

Thanadelthur/ Thanadeltth'er

The Very Reverend the Hon. Lois M. Wilson, C.C., OOnt

Theresa Oswald

Tina Jones, O.M.

Tina Keeper, O.M., M.S.M, LL.D.

Tracy Patterson

Verna J. Kirkness, C.M., O.M.

Wilma Derksen, O.M.


Council of Women of Winnipeg Inc.

Founding Board of Directors of Women’s Health Clinic – Ellen Kruger, Dr. C. Yuen, Kathryn Edmunds, Linda Taylor, Niki Garson, Paula Gardner, Paula Harris, and Robert Janz

Founders of the Manitoba Speech and Hearing Association - Isabel Richard and 11 others

Jon Sigurdson Chapter IODE

Manitoba Women’s Institute

Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art (MAWA)

National Council of Jewish Women of Canada (NCJWC) 

Selma Loewen, Sara Stoesz, Linie Friesen, Susan Giesbrecht and the dozens of women who founded the first Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) Thrift shops

The Junior League of Winnipeg

The Nellie McClung Foundation (including founding member Bette Mueller)

The Partners of Patersons LLP

The Shameless Circle

University Women's Club of Winnipeg

Winnipeg Raging Grannies

Women of the Fur Trade


Les Soeurs Du Sauveur

Luc d’Antioche, snjm

Missionary Oblate Sisters 

Sisters of Charity (Grey Nuns)

Sisters of Misericordia

Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary

Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate 

Sister Agathe Dorge, SNJM

Sister Angelica Of Mary

Sister Carol Peloquin, SNJM, C.M.

Sister Geraldine MacNamara,  SNJM‎, C.M., LL.B.

Sister Jean Ell, SGM

Sister Leonne Dumesnil, SNJM, C.M.

The Institute of the Sisters of Service of Canada



Anna Maynard

Anna Negrych

Annette Saint-Pierre, C.M.

Arlene Wilson

Ashley Richard

Barbara Biggar

Beatrice Mosionier

Beatrice St. Amant

Berenice Sisler

Bintou Sacko

Blandine Tona

Brenda Arakaza

Brenlee Carrington Trepel, LL.B.

Brigette Lacquette, OLY

Catherine Kerr

Cathy Hiller

Cécile Mulaire

Cindy Klassen, O.M., OLY

Colleen Cutschall

Colleen Sklar

Diane Gray

Donna Miller, Q.C., LL.B.

Dorothy Livesay, O.C., O.B.C., F.R.S.C.

Dr. Anna Stokke, Ph.D.

Dr. Anne Smigel, Hon. LL.D.

Dr. Cynthia Grant, Ph.D.

Dr. Darlene Wight, M.A., D.Litt.

Dr. Di Brandt, Ph.D.

Dr. Diane McGifford, Ph.D.

Dr. Donalda (Dina) Huggins M.D. 

Dr. Ethel McPhail, M.D. 

Dr. Flordeliz Gigi Osler, M.D.

Dr. Grace Ann Stewart, Ph.D.

Dr. Halimatou Ba, Ph.D.

Dr. Jaime Cidro, Ph.D.

Dr. Julie Nagam, Ph.D.

Dr. Linda J. Malcomson, Ph.D.

Dr. Lise Gaboury-Diallo, C.M., Ph.D.

Dr. Margaret Newton, Ph.D., FRSC, LL.D.

Dr. Marjorie Anderson, Ph.D.

Dr. Marlyn Cook, M.D.

Dr. Mary Jane Logan McCallum, Ph.D.

Dr. Olva Odlum

Dr. Reeni Soni, M.D. 

Dr. Sandra Kirby, O.C., OLY

Dr. Sara Israels, O.M., M.D.

Dr. Sheila Dresden

Dr. Tabitha Wood, Ph.D.

Dr. Tracie Afifi, Ph.D.

Dr. Ursilla McAlister Macdonnell, Ph.D.

Edythe Millicent Brown Ehrlich

Eileen Charlotte Collins, O.M. 

Eleonore Phillibert

Elise Harrer Vane

Elizabeth Dafoe

Emilie Ross (née Poitras)

Ethel Mary (Playfair) Harrison

Evelyn Wawryshyn Moroz

Evelyne Anderson

Frances Gunn

Gail Freeman-Campbell

Gail Serena Singer

Germaine Krawzuk

Grace Eiko Thomson

Gudrun Jónsdóttir Storm

Gudrun Skulason

Gwen Hoebig

H2O Academy Co-Founders Kaley Maksymyk & Krista Morden

Heather Robertson

Heather Whittaker

Helen M. Powell

Helena Penner Hiebert

Hilda Klassen

Holmfridur Danielson

Honourable Candice Bergen, P.C., MP

Honourable JoAnne Buth

Hortense Rabet

Hrund Skulason

Ida Carriere

Jane MacLatchy

Janine Tougas

Jennifer Hofer

Jennifer Saunders

Jessie McDermott

Joan (Sigrid) Johnson

Joan Hibbert

Johanna Seier

Josephine Hogg Campbell

Judge Mary A. Wawrykow, Q.C., LL.B.

Judith Chambers

Judith Weiszman, P. Eng

Judy Peake

June Westbury

Kal Barteski

Katharina Thiessen

Katherena Vermette

Kathryn (Kathy) June Hamelin

Katrina Leclerc

Laura Ealing

Laura Goodman Salverson

Leah Hextall

Leila Castro

Leonore Saunders, O.M.

Letitia Hargrave

Lillian Gibbons

Lillian James

Lillian Vilborg Bjarnason MacPherson, LL.B., M.L.I.S.

Lisa Meeches, C.M., O.M.

Loreena McKennitt, C.M., O.M., C.D.

Loréna Aglae “Dollee” Chevrier

Lorena Mitchell

Louise Habimana Uwera

Lucille Cenerini

Lydia Pajunen

Lynn Sissons

Mabel Josephine Wardrop

Manie Tobie (pen name for Thérèse Goulet-Courchaine)

Margaret Ann Scott

Margaret Bloodworth, C.M., LL.B.

Margaret June Kenter

Margaret Laurence, C.C., LL.D.

Margaret Sweatman, M.A. 

Maria Vogt

Marie Benoist-Gallays

Mariette Mulaire, C.I.M., C.I.T.P.

Martha Ruth Brooks

Mary Barrett Speechly, LL.D.

Mary Dopson

Mary Gowler

Mary Riter Hamilton

Mary Sawka

Maude Bisset

Maxine Critch

Meeka Walsh, C.M.

Millie Lamb

Miriam Toews, O.M., Hon. D.C.L., D.Litt., 

Nahanni Fontaine, MLA

Neila Premachuk, O.M. 

Nicole Bremault

Parusia Purohit, N.P.

Pauline Boutal, C.M.

Reeve Lori Schellekens

Renee Kaplan

Rhonda Head

Roxy Freedman

Ruth Waterman Rubinstein

Ruthanne Dyck

Sandra Hodzic, M.B.A., M.P.A.

Sara Usman

Sarah Malabar

Sharron Zenith Corne

Shirley Elias

Shirley Richardson

Sigurros Vidal

Skylar Park

Sonja Bejzyk, S.M.V.

Sophia Thomas Mason

Sophie Gaulin

Speaker Devi Sharma, Winnipeg City Councillor

Sue Boreskie

Susan Auch, OLY

Teresa Dukes

Teresa Rogers

The Honourable Ruth Krindle, LL.D., LL.B.

Thelma Alma Wynne

Trailblazing women at the University of Manitoba/Femmes pionnières à l’Université du Manitoba 

Venla Hovi, OLY

Vera Derenchuk

Vera Lysenko

Violet Irene Guymer (née Poynter)

Wanda Koop, C.M., O.M., LL.D., D.F.A., D.Litt., R.C.A.

Wendy Pongoski

Winnifred Van Slyck, C.M.




This is a call to nominate Manitoba women who were Trailblazers: women who were first in their field or who through their work, had a significant impact on their field or community.




A woman, or a collective of women, who have made an impact on the development of Manitoba.

Nominees must have:
  • Worked or volunteered or played a role that was first in their field or had significant impact or outcome on society in Manitoba

  • Demonstrated leadership and acted as a role model

  • Reflected the spirit of Nellie McClung

  • Worked/lived for a significant part of their lives in the territory that is now called Manitoba (please verify this in the application)

  • Nominee (if alive) must agree to nomination

Not Eligible:
  • Women who will be participating in the selection process

Who can nominate:
  • Anyone can nominate


  • Oral history and accounts

  • Personal diaries

  • Family genealogies

  • History books

  • Government records

  • Newspapers

  • Community Club minutes, other meeting minutes

  • Birth records



We would like to thank all those who provided nominees for the Nellie McClung Foundation’s 150 Manitoba Women Trailblazer Awards.

We are pleased to announce that we received over 350 nominations.  

The Nellie McClung Foundation, in partnership with the Winnipeg Free Press, have put in place a third-party selection committee who will undertake the review of all nomination.

Successful nominators/nominees will be notified by email, January 2021.

All nominees will be recognized in a book and showcased at the Manitoba Museum in a temporary exhibit open to the public dates to be confirmed.