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Where are all the Women?

Oh, we will expand on that headline a bit.

Where are all the websites that highlight news and histories about women?

In the age of information, and especially, in the age of social media, it is quite easy to spend a lot of time, well, getting lost scrolling through seemingly endless pictures and videos. With that, we thought we could save you the trouble and find some incredible sources for news and histories about women. You are welcome!

The Our Favourite 5 websites:

  1. Women in the World: As its title implies, this news site sources and consolidates news about women from around the world. It is certainly a favourite. Twitter: @WomenintheWorld

  2. Women’s Media Centre: This site is incredibly resourceful in its news sources and has a great appeal for socially conscious youth. It differs from the previously mentioned entry in that it also has several specific projects or areas of foci, such as: commentary on underreported stories, “The Speech Project”,  and “FBOMB”. The FBOMB works as an intersectional teen social media platform.  Twitter: @womensmediacntr

  3. Women in the Canadian Encyclopedia:  This history source is just fantastic. It has local Canadiana appeal as well. We find it particularly useful in that it is highly organized in that you can “dig deeper” and further research by profession.

  4. HuffPost Women: HuffPost is a great source for women’s news that is very on top of media trends and cultures. Twitter: @HuffPostWomen

  5. Women’s News Network: Includes an incredible roster of award winning female journalists from around the world.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive in its recommendations.

Do you have any news source recommendations that you would like to share? If so, please send to: 

*Please note: The Google Image/ Screenshot is being used in a manner which abides by Google Permissions.


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