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Nominations Open for 'Yes I Can' Leadership Awards!

What is the Yes I Can Leadership Award?

The 'Yes I Can' Leadership Awards, by the Nellie McClung Foundation, celebrate five outstanding young self-identified women aged 16-25, showcasing their achievements in a video profile series. This initiative aims to inspire confidence and empowerment among girls by highlighting diverse accomplishments in fields like science, business, politics, and more.

Many studies have highlighted that as young girls journey through their teenage years, they often experience a significant drop in self-confidence. In response, the Nellie McClung Foundation is actively finding ways to empower girls and young women, enabling them to envision their potential future and nurturing a belief in the mantra, 'Yes, I Can.'

These young individuals are building upon the achievements of the trailblazing women who came before them, making strides in diverse fields such as science, business, politics, medicine, education, and beyond.

Mindscape Studios has partnered with the Nellie McClung Foundation to create a video profile dedicated to each award recipient. These videos aim to unveil the unique journey and story of each recipient, with a powerful mission to ignite inspiration among fellow young women and girls.​

2024 Nominations Now Open

The Nellie McClung Foundation is thrilled to open nominations for the 'Yes I Can' Leadership Awards, celebrating the achievements of five outstanding self-identified young women. Through a captivating video profile series, we aim to showcase their diverse accomplishments and inspire confidence and empowerment among girls everywhere.

Do you know a remarkable young woman aged 16-25 who is making waves in her community or field of interest? We want to hear about her!

Yes I Can Leadership Award Criteria

  • Exceptional leadership skills

  • Significant impact in their chosen area

  • Innovative and creative thinking

  • Commitment and dedication

  • Collaboration and empowerment

  • Advocacy for important causes

  • Willingness to learn and grow.

  • Upholding high ethical standards

Benefits of Being an Award Recipient

  • Celebrated as an inspiration.

  • Development of confidence and essential skills

  • One-year mentorship opportunity

  • Featured in a video profile.

  • Public exposure in your work or volunteerism

  • Participation in community gatherings

Rules and Guidelines

  • Open to self-identified females aged 16-25.

  • Nominations are accepted from April 1st to 30th.

  • The applicant must complete nomination forms.

  • Applicants under 18 need a Letter of Consent.

  • Applicant must be a Manitoba resident.


Do You Know A Remarkable Young Woman Who Fits the Bill?

Nominate her today, and let's celebrate her remarkable achievements! Together, let's empower the next generation of leaders. 

Nominations will be accepted by the Nellie McClung Foundation Selection Committee from April 1st to 30th of each year.




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