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Announcing the 2024 Nellie McClung Trailblazer Scholarship Recipients

The Nellie McClung Foundation is proud to announce the 2024 recipients of the Nellie McClung Trailblazer Scholarships

These awards are presented to female Manitoba students considering careers in the exciting fields of science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM), business or underrepresented trades.

Five $1,000.00 awards are granted to female students in grade 12 who have demonstrated an aptitude in an area of study that could lead to further education and/or careers in STEAM, business, or underrepresented trades.

Five awards of $1,750.00 will be granted to female students in their first year of post-secondary study in STEAM, business, or underrepresented trades programs.

The selection criteria for both awards are designed to ensure the rich diversity of Manitoba’s population is celebrated, with a special focus on students from Indigenous, northern, and rural communities.

Meet the 2024 Nellie McClung Trailblazer Scholarship Recipients

Danielle Fermin

Danielle is a conscientious Grade 12 student dedicated to pursuing a career in environmental science. She plans to engage in lifelong learning to contribute to the betterment of the world.

Danielle's passion for nature was inspired by her mother's childhood tales of growing up in rural Cavite, Philippines. However, Danielle's own upbringing in Pasig City offered limited exposure to nature.

Fiona Mariah Garcia

Fiona's journey is a testament to the resilience and determination her immigrant family from the Philippines instilled. Born in Nueva Ecija and immigrating to Canada at the age of three, Fiona's parents' sacrifices laid the foundation for her aspirations and achievements.

Fiona remains deeply connected to her Filipino heritage, fluent in Tagalog and immersed in her cultural roots. Now a senior at Virden Collegiate Institute, Fiona's dedication to academic excellence shines as she consistently ranks in the top three grade averages.

Glydel Capua

Embarking on a journey of self-discovery and academic exploration, Glydel Capua is a beacon of resilience and determination in pursuing her passions. A senior at Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School in Brandon, Glydel's journey from the Philippines to Canada at the age of eight has been marked by a steadfast commitment to carve her own path in the field of STEAM.

Raylyn Koshowski

Raylyn, a seventeen-year-old from Dauphin, MB, is committed to living a purposeful life and being a role model, Raylyn believes her life is defined by her contributions to others.

Raylyn aims to graduate high school with honors and pursue a Bachelor of Science degree, aspiring to a career in Kinesiology, Physiotherapy, or Medicine. 

Zelal Emre

Zelal Emre embodies resilience, determination, and a fervent commitment to advocating for gender equality and social justice. Her journey is marked by a steadfast dedication to breaking barriers and empowering underrepresented voices in her community and beyond.

Elena Dobrowney

Elena's journey is woven with the resilience of the women before her. Born into a lineage of formidable women, she draws inspiration from their tales of survival amidst tumultuous times.

Named after her great-grandmother Elena, who weathered the storms of the Communist Revolution and World War II, Elena carries forward the legacy of strength and perseverance.

Jamie Reimer

As a first-year university student with a boundless dedication to making a difference in the field of healthcare, Jamie embodies the spirit of determination and compassion. Currently enrolled in Providence University College, Jamie is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences, laying the foundation for her ambitious goal of attending medical school at the University of Manitoba.

Kathryn Salas Chavez

Growing up in a warm and nurturing household, Kathryn's journey has been shaped by her parents' unwavering support and the resilience they demonstrated as immigrants from Peru to Canada in 2005. From an early age, Kathryn understood the value of education and the importance of giving back to her community.

Vera Khubiryants

As an aspiring young woman pursuing a degree in Psychology and preparing for medical school, Vera is a shining example of resilience and determination. Raised in a conservative community where the typical path for young women was limited, Vera defied expectations and charted her own course toward a future filled with purpose and ambition.

Victoria Welsh

Victoria Welsh is a remarkable individual whose journey exemplifies resilience, leadership, and a commitment to empowering others. Hailing from the quaint town of Landmark, Victoria has always been deeply rooted in her community. 

Ending the Gender Gap is Key to a Sustainable Society.

"Empowering and investing in women in every male-dominated industry will significantly improve productivity and livelihoods. Ending the gender gap in these industries is the key to a sustainable society. The stigma of women in underrepresented trades or different science fields, especially in agriculture, needs to change. When people asked me what I want to be when I grow up, I used to lie. I used to be afraid of the conversation that would arise when I told them I wanted a career in agriculture. They would say that it's not right for a woman to work in the industry or that I would not be able to carry out the physical tasks necessary in the field. As I become more educated, I have learned not to keep it a secret but instead to make it well known that I am passionate about agriculture and sustainability. It is crucial to break the stigma surrounding the gender gap in agriculture, not only for myself but also for other females who share my interests. I want to help create a path for women who want to work in the agriculture industry. " 

~ Oksana Iwanchysko, 2020 Recipient

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Empowering and celebrating girls and women as leaders


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